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Container Generator
2015-08-08 10:38:33


Container type generator set:

Huaquan Power series generator set is design in accordance with ISO/TC104 standard size, rational construction, to make sure the generator set will not be damaged due to under high pressure in transport, and is suitable for ship transportation. We can supply the 20’ container, 40’ container, and widen or heighten container type. They are divided into the standard type and silent type.

Novel figuration, compact structure, large volume, convenient for gensets to transport; adopt the design of the high strength container and standard size, which save the freight cost for customers; there is high capability、 durability and anti-burning type soundproof material and the absorption material within the container of soundproof type;

Simultaneously the container design is more humanized, container has side doors in the two sides and fixed the overhaul light in it, which are convenient for operation and maintenance; have many distinct designs in control system panel, the style of output connection, fuel base and muffle etc., which are well appreciated by users. The series generator sets can be easily moved to the desired position at any time, and can be run under the most demanding conditions. These turbines are a first-class reliable diesel engine as a driving source, and is equipped with international quality brushless synchronous AC power machine.

This series generator set can be easily moved to the desired location, can run under themost demanding working conditions.

These gensets are all with high quality and reliable diesel engine as a driving source, and with the International quality brushless synchronous alternator.

Performance feature:
Accord with international standard container size, easy to transport.

Keep standard container main body structure, Strong And Stand wear and tear.

High degree of protection, suit for used under the bad environment.

More reasonable design in exhaust, to ensure continuous power supply of the generator set.

Huaquan container type generator set can divide into 20’ container type and 40’container type, The container type genset can be directly shipping as a standard container, greatly save transportation costs. The power below 1000kw, it use the 20 container type, and it’ll use 40’ container type if the genset power above 1000kw.

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