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Diesel Engine With Clutch
2015-08-08 10:38:59


Huaquan Series diesel engine with clutch:

Huaquan series diesel engine, produced by Weifang Company which adopts UK technology, is widely used for standby or continuous work within 8 hours for its competitive price and good quality. New design becomes more compact, making installation and transportation convenience. Increasing water filters to make fuel cleaner, it can protect the injector and high-pressure pump effectively and prolong working life. Using special technique of piston ring sealing and valve sealing, it greatly reduces the consumption rate.

Standard Configuration of Huaquan diesel engine with clutch.
1. Huaquan gas engine.
2. Standard clutch.
3. Standard control panel.
4. Water tank, with protection guard.
5. Shock absorber system: protect the generator during its working period.
6. Maintenance-free start battery.
7. Battery connecting cables.
8. Maintenance manuals of engine, alternator and generator.
9. Maintenance tools.
10. Standard steel underframe with stoving varnish.
11. Standard export plywood package.
12. Spare parts for maintenance (as your require)

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