Weifang diesel gesnet how to use cooled water
2015-11-03 18:31:34
Cooling Weifang diesel genset are required cooling water. But the use of cooling water is a difference between the two methods. Yuchai diesel generator How to use cooling water?
     Hua Group-wide introduction of cooling water run too long can make some overheating Weifang diesel generator cool down. Cooling water use clean fresh water, such as rain, snow, good quality tap water or the clarified water and the like. If the direct use well water or other groundwater, because they contain more minerals, the water in the engine cavity to form easily scale, affecting the cooling effect caused by the fault. As limited conditions only hard water, must be approved by softening treatment before use.

     These are matters of cooling water Weifang diesel generator sets are used it should be noted. The unit cooling water used should be of good quality soft water clarity, try not to use more than mineral water, do not use hard water. This helps extend the life of the unit.

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