How to maintenance and purchase the diesel genset air filters
2015-11-10 13:36:27
Weichai diesel genset  air filter is an important part of the diesel engine, please read this user manual, and in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the maintenance instructions, in order to ensure reliable operation of the diesel engine, to extend the life of diesel engines.

First, the air filter components. Diesel generator sets with single-stage air filter paper element Paper Heart bipolar type and oil bath. Single-stage air filter paper from the shell, cover, paper element, etc; dual-stage air filter paper element by the housing, the primary filter, security filters, intake cap, ash tray, Pai dust bag, etc; oil bath air filter from the oil pan, filter, housing and other components.

Second, pay attention:
   1, the choice of air filter, should be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the diesel engine performance to match. Otherwise it will affect engine power and economy of means
   2, exhaust dust bag should be positioned downward
   3. Avoid water entering the air cleaner
   4, with a safety filter air filter, air filter during maintenance, demolition is not allowed safety cartridge
Third, the paper element air filter maintenance
   1, under normal working conditions, the diesel engine 100-200 per work hour response filter maintenance.
   2. Remove the main filter, the end of the main filter on the tire tap, shake off the dust inside.
   3, check Weichai generator sets each cartridge seals, if damaged, should be replaced.
   4, available pressure does not exceed 500kpa clean and dry compressed air, blow out from inside the filter.
   5, the light bulb is placed inside the filter, the filter was observed whether the light transmittance phenomenon from the outside, in order to determine whether there are cracks, perforation or other damage.
   6, prohibit oil or water to clean the main filter
   7, 1000-2000 hours per work, and replace safety cartridge
   China Power technical staff to remind the user to replace the filter, you must use quality and reliable products, to ensure the reliability of diesel engines. To avoid problems arising therefrom, the proposed purchase original accessories. When the diesel engine work in desert areas or dusty environments, the above maintenance time should be shortened. I hope the above description to give users help.

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