The reason for diesel genset starts overspeed fault
2015-11-12 09:34:45
When Weifang Diesel genset Set start overspeed fault this is how it happened? Some users in the use of diesel generators when the encounter this problem, overwhelmed. As everyone knows, only to find out the reasons for troubleshooting.
   First, electronic speed control unit start throttle speed and climbing
   1. improper adjustment potentiometer
    2, overspeed protection set value is too small
    Second, the structure of the mechanical governor
   1, the fuel injection pump (system) failures
   2. Remedy:
   See instructions random electronic governor, throttle and speed potentiometer climbing slightly adjusted
   Overspeed protection value slightly adjusted, the maximum does not exceed 17%
   Check the throttle lever is flexible, and to ensure proper adjustment
   Authorized to inspect repairs

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