What is the early reasons for diesel genset cylinder wear and tear?
2015-12-06 14:21:02
Cylinder wear in the early diesel genset, which is how it happened? What is the specific reason? Here we give the user a detailed introduction about it!

1, new or overhauled engine does not undergo a rigorous run-commissioning work on investment, resulting in premature wear of the cylinder and other parts.

2, long-term work overload. As the engine of long-term overload operation, so that the machine temperature rise, lubricants thinning, poor lubrication, accelerated wear cylinder, piston and piston rings and other parts. Also, because the oil rise, inflatable coefficient decreased, fuel and air imbalance, incomplete combustion, cylinder and other parts increased coke, causing cylinder malfunction, thereby speeding up the early wear of the cylinder.

 3, long time idling operation. When the engine is idling time, engine temperature is too low, lubrication is poor, incomplete combustion, produce coke more accelerated premature wear of the cylinder. Also, because the machine temperature is low, easy to produce acidic substances inside the cylinder, thus corrosion cylinder, pitting flaking, causing premature wear
of the cylinder.

4, frequent starting. After the engine flameout, lubricating oil will soon flow path back into the oil pan, so frequent starting, make cylinder, piston and piston rings and other parts of the surface is dry or semi-dry friction friction state, must speed up the cylinder liner wear.

5, do not attach importance to the maintenance of air filter, air filter blockage causing serious, without the filter of air directly into the cylinder. The air contained in a variety of dust and impurities, which accounted for more than half of the silica, the hardness than steel, it is in the air into the cylinder, accelerated cylinder wear.

6, regularly change the oil. After a certain time the oil gradually aging deterioration, loss of lubrication, while mixing some mechanical impurities caused by abrasive wear.

7, for the start of the engine during warm-up fuel. Multi-cylinder diesel engine at temperatures below 5 ℃, must undergo in order to fully preheat cylinder oil, but during the warm-up oil is not only difficult to start, but earlier injected fuel, as incomplete firing cylinder coke increase, accelerated wear.

These are the reasons described earlier Weichai diesel generator cylinder wear, hoping to give users help. Users in the use of diesel generators when we must pay attention to the maintenance of the unit, to avoid the above reasons, and thus prevent premature wear of the cylinder unit appears.

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