Why diesel genset power becomes small?
2015-12-06 14:28:02
China Power is a professional production, sales of diesel genset business. Its production of diesel generator sets and reliable quality, technical expertise. Welcome to old customers to buy. Our technical staff received such a call, saying it was in our agents there to buy diesel generator sets, diesel generator power shortage. To know that we Chinese are all no middlemen. Users buy diesel generator sets to the regular corporate purchases.

Power diesel generator set is an important factor in relation to the efficiency of the generator, when an optional unit should calculate the power, and then the power to determine how much will need to purchase the unit, but there are several issues that need attention, diesel generator power smaller reasons, what does?

If you originally selected device power is just right, then over time, the power generating units will be smaller, this is mainly because:
1, the air filter is dirty, the intake air is not enough.
2, the fuel filter device is dirty, the fuel injection quantity is not enough.
3, the ignition timing is not right.

So, if your Weichai generator sets appear smaller power failure. Well, first of all, it must be cleaned or replaced the new air filter. Replace or clean diesel oil and water separator. Then adjust the ignition timing, so that the power generators would turn may come up. I hope the above description to give users help.

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