The way to sovle diesel genset operation fail problems
2015-12-30 16:10:43
Users in the use of Weifang diesel genset in the process will inevitably encounter situations unit failure, the unit for some minor glitches that users can solve their own user must understand. Users gave the following brief diesel generator operation processing method electromechanical failure.
Start and stop switch trip, the crew stopped and the dashboard warning: First, following failure occurred in the operation of diesel generators. If you do not trip, you should immediately press the "emergency stop" button, an emergency stop.
1, failure reasons: speeding. Cooling water temperature is high. Not start. Low oil pressure.
2, treatment: the spot checks on the dashboard malfunction indicator to determine the cause of the failure. Identify the reasons, notify the maintenance process. After eliminating the fault, the dashboard alarm reset, press the "reset button on the trip," "total return" button again to start.
Second, the diesel generators when the following faults occur in situ dashboard warning:
1, failure reasons: overcurrent, ground. Low oil pressure shutdown, low oil pressure alarm.
Shutdown cooling water temperature is high, the water temperature is too high alarm. It failed to start. Reverse power sub-gate, reverse power shutdown public alarm, public to the police. Circuit breakers, sub. Overspeed shutdown. Low oil level.
2. Treatment: processed according to the content of the fault indicator fault indicated. Elimination of the fault, the fault reset signal.

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