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Silent type generator set is the best choice
2016-10-15 11:03:13
     Silent type generator and the general difference is mainly mute type of generator units with a very effective sound eliminator, is mainly used in the family and the higher requirements for noise control. My company silent type generator has small volume, light weight, compact structure, pleasing sound insulation cover, tear open outfit is simple, the unit is easy to operate, excellent performance, reliable running etc. Mainly used in hospitals, hotels, and the communications industry, etc.

Protected unit advantages:

1. Nice appearance, reasonable structure

2. Good sealing: rain, snow, dust, can work under harsh environment;

3. Good safety: closed box, 2 mm steel plate is made and be become;

4. The ventilation in the cabinet is smooth, the temperature is not high, to ensure the power unit operation;

5. Provide acoustic performance is good: protection type unit also has a lower noise performance, to isolate enclosure noise effectively, make units in the lower part in the operation of the noise;

6. Good operability: design personnel based on the guiding ideology of people-oriented, give full consideration to the operators of oil machine operation convenience and security.

7. Lifting: in order to facilitate the wild crew transportation is convenient, on top of the box body set up four lifting device is required (Jane with no order). 

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