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The advantages of the gas generator set
2016-10-15 11:13:38
  My company production of gas generator set is the output power range, high start and reliable operation, good power quality, light weight, small volume, simple maintenance, the advantages of low frequency noise, they usually have the following four advantages:

A, power quality is good

Due to the generator set only rotation at work, electrically controlled reaction speed, working very smoothly, the generator output voltage and frequency of high precision, small ripple, when sudden empty reduced 50% and 50% load, unit operation is very stable, is superior to electric performance index of the diesel generator set.

Second, the starting performance is good, start-up success rate high

From after the success of the cold start to full load time only for 30 seconds, compared with the international rules after the success of the diesel generator start 3 minutes on load. Gas turbine generating set can be any sure the environment temperature and climate of success.

Three little vibration, low noise

Because of high speed rotating gas turbine, its vibration is very small, and low frequency noise is better than that of diesel generator set.

Four, the combustible gas is clean and cheap energy

Gas gas, such as: platycodon grandiflorum gas, methane, etc., in which the fuel generating set not only reliable operation, low cost, and can turn, won't produce pollution. 

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