Diesel generator set weaver and weaver conditions
2016-10-06 17:52:35
     In practice due to various reasons, we need to get the above two or more diesel generator through the special grid ark parallel up and use, the use of this method can not only save money, such as our work load is less than the diesel generator power grid halfway through a generator which automatically uninstall downtime. The use of the comparative economic a generator. Can also offer need to be large capacity of diesel generator power supply solution. So, when you need to how much of a generator, a few designer how to determine? 
  1, the generator unit capacity and the Numbers should be according to the emergency load size and input sequence and the largest single electric motor starting capacity determined comprehensively. When emergency load is bigger, more machine can be used in parallel, the unit sets appropriate for 2 ~ 4. With restrictions when, can implement partition power supply. When the electricity load harmonic is larger, should consider their impact on the diesel generator set.

  2, in the preliminary design stage, diesel generator can be according to the distribution transformer capacity estimation of 10% ~ 20% of the total capacity. In the construction design phase, according to the level of load, fire load and some important secondary load capacity, according to the following method to calculate the maximum capacity to determine:  

  1) according to the stable load calculation generator capacity; 

  2) according to the largest single electric motor or the need of group motor startup, calculation of diesel    generator capacity;

  3) press the start motor, generator bus voltage allowed calculation generator capacity.

 3, when the elevator load, the maximum capacity of cage motor full voltage start, should not be less than 80% of the rated voltage generator bus voltage; When no elevator load, the busbar voltage should not be less than 75% of the rated voltage. When conditions permit, the motor can be used from accidentally step-down starting way. Weaver can be divided into weaver of manual and automatic weaver, normally automatic weaver is precise and easy to operate, manually weaver is not easy to operation and more complicated, need professional proficient operation, general advice customers to use automatic weaver. Designer needs to have the conditions for the engine speed regulating mode must be electronic speed, motor must be brushless motor, frequency, phase, phase Angle should be consistent. 

    If you want to mre flexible and efficient use of electricity, can consider multiple units weaver. The weaver technical knowledge, you can call Shandong huaquan power co., LTD. Huaquan generator using yuchai, cummins, Volvo, perkins and famous brands such as weichai engine, form a complete set of all independent research and development production of the electrical machinery. Huaquan power, provide power solutions, help your business 
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