Huaquan power diesel generator set in Uganda
2016-10-06 18:07:55
    Uganda, a country located in East Africa plateau equator, due to the lakes in China, it is called "plateau region". Why mention this country, because of a full power production by huaquan, the power of 500 kw cummins series diesel generating set is sold here, service local road &bridge construction.Huaquan power in the spacious production workshop, the cummins series high-power diesel generating sets are stepping up production, production workers downwards, the attitude is rigorous, every parts, a screw, is meticulous, keep improving. It is also believed to China quality popular and trusted by all the reason. 
    As Africa's infrastructure is relatively backward, especially the serious shortage of electric power facilities, often trapped by electric power engineering construction, construction progress and quality are affected by a lot. Diesel generating sets and flexible operation, simple and practical to solve the power right now's a good choice. In this case, many vendors have come back to China domestic procurement generating set, thus make the diesel generator set sales in Africa. 
   Huaquan cummins diesel generator set all "power for all from cummins diesel engine with good quality and form a complete set of generator adopts star, Stamford, marathon, Siemens, and well-known brand, such as strong huaquan power technology strong guarantee for independent innovation, with high power, high torque, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise, high performance and long run performance advantages, widely trusted at home and abroad market. Has exported 38 countries in the world, become the engineering construction, industrial and agricultural production, commercial office, public service sectors such as the first choice of diesel generating sets.

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