Knowledge of generator room layout
2018-04-16 15:32:38
Generator room decorate a method 
Generator room designed to place unit in the room to protect, prevent sunlight and rain, sand and dust erosion of generating set. Design room, the unit must be taken into account comprehensively use the site to the requirement of noise, the influence of vibration on the surrounding environment, fresh air into the wind, hot wind, smoke area and the staff of space required for the unit for maintenance and other factors.
The stand or fall of computer room design, can directly affect the unit normal stable long-term operation, whether can satisfy the requirement of the ambient noise, if you can convenient maintenance problem such as generator set. So to design a reasonable room, whether it is for the owner or for the unit is necessary. 
In the computer room before planning, layout, design and installation, should make sure the required generator model, the size of the control system and power distribution equipment, and then through the use of manufacturers specifications, detailed understanding of the installation requirements. If the installation site conditions cannot meet the requirements of installation engineering or have difficulty and doubt, should take the initiative to consult the manufacturer and solve the technology on specific issues. 
Even the most basic room also must meet the following conditions: concrete platform, ventilation shutters, ventilation shutters, exhaust and smoke exhaust muffler, the exhaust elbow, vibration control and the expansion of the exhaust takeover, hanging yards spring, etc.; Closely associated with the unit of the fuel tank, water tank, into the exhaust fan, battery, control panel, power distribution panel and auxiliary equipment such as air switch panel should be located within a room or a room in the attachment. 
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