The use of diesel generators problem in high altitude area
2018-05-09 16:36:19
The use of diesel generators problem in high altitude area
Diesel generator used in different areas, the following problems should be paid attention to in plateau diesel generator: due to low voltage plateau area, the ability of different diesel generators are different on the plateau .
1、look at high altitude ignition delay trends, in order to improve the economic operation of diesel engine is generally recommended a turbocharged diesel engine fuel supply advance Angle should be properly in advance. Height increases, the loss of power, exhaust temperature rises, so the user on the choice of a diesel engine should also consider the plateau the ability of diesel engine, and strictly avoid overload operation. According to the latest experiments show that the plateau area of diesel engine, turbocharger the use of power compensation method of the plateau. Through the turbocharger can not only make up for the shortage of the plateau, also can improve the smoke, restore power performance and reduce the fuel consumption rate. 
2、with the increase of altitude, the environment temperature is lower than the plains, the general increase every 10 uncle, environmental temperature will drop by 6 degrees Celsius, application of thin air. Therefore, diesel engine starting performance than plain areas. When the user is in the making, auxiliary starting measures corresponding to the starting at low temperature. 
Diesel generator
Due to the increase of the height, the boiling point of water is reduced, and the cooling air pressure and cooling air quality to drop, and in unit time per kw heat dissipation, so the cooling system of heat dissipation conditions than plain. Generally at high altitudes is not suitable for using open ling but cycle can be used to increase the use of closed cooling system pressure plateau coolant boiling point. 
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