What are the fuel saving methods for the reserve power supply of Weichai diesel generator?
2018-06-20 16:04:30
Mr. Sun of Weifang high-tech zone is the generator room staff of their district, residential property before the time found in the engine room inside the generator consumption is much more than before, let Mr. Sun to see what is the reason, Mr. Sun went to the computer room to see the oil leakage phenomenon of the generator pipeline, carefully inspected the original gasket deformation, Mr. Sun based on this reason, the gasket coated with valve paint on the glass plate grinding, positive tubing joints. Mr. Sun based on his years of work experience will be the diesel generator leakage problem recorded to prevent future diesel generators again oil leakage problem timely remedy.
1. improve the cooling water temperature of the standby power supply Weichai Diesel Generator.
Improve the water temperature can make diesel more complete combustion, oil viscosity will be small, can reduce movement resistance, can achieve fuel-efficient effect.
2. ensure that the machine does not leak oil.
Residential standby power supply Weichai Diesel Generator oil pipelines often due to uneven joint surface, gasket deformation or damage surface loopholes. The solution is to apply the gasket coating on the glass plate to grind flat, positive tubing joint. Add the diesel oil recovery device, the plastic pipe can be used to connect the back tubing on the nozzle with the hollow screw, so that the return oil into the fuel tank
3. Change the "Big horse Cart"
Appropriate increase of the diesel belt pulley, in the case of the diesel engine spin down operation to improve the speed of the pump, so that flow, lift, to achieve energy-saving purposes. 
4. purification of oil before use.
More than half of the faults of the diesel engine originate from the oil supply system. Treatment of the method is, the return of diesel used for precipitation 2-4 days to use, can precipitate 98% impurities, such as now buy now, can be in the fuel tank refueling screen place two layers of silk cloth or toilet paper.
5. the best oil supply angle of Weichai diesel generator is to maintain standby power supply in the district.
If the oil supply angle is offset, the oil supply time is too late and the fuel consumption is greatly increased.

6. Adjust the fuel injection pressure of injector.
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